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Our Mission & Vision


The PPP’s vision is a clean, just, stable and prosperous Gambia, in which the government and the Gambian people work in constructive partnership to achieve our common goals, objectives and aspirations of a Gambia capable of sustaining the legitimate material expectations of this and the future generation. A nation at peace with itself and its neighbors, guided by the rule of law, democratic values and respect for our collective and individual human rights under both domestic and international law.


Is to protect and advance the interest and welfare of Gambia and its people, and to restore the country’s rich heritage of tolerance, plurality and comity. To empower the Gambian people with the legal rights and entitlements as well as the practical tools to live liberated, constructive and fulfilled lives; to remedy current injustices; rectify, reform and strengthen the social and state institutions; combat corruption, re-energize the stagnant and ailing economy and revitalize the entire polity so that the nation can organize for development; assured in the knowledge and strengthened by the belief that the PPP and the Gambian people can work in constructive partnership to achieve the common good.


The core principles of the PPP are: democracy, justice, human rights, freedom, and prosperity. The PPP believes that a less pervasive and intrusive government as oppose to the current over-centralize and authoritarian regime is necessary in order to release the creative energies of the Gambian people and to encourage wider social, economic and political inclusion. Our party intends to reduce the power of government and return to grassroots democracy.

We believe in the empowerment of Gambian Civil Society. To restore power to the people of the Gambian and to enable them to determine their own government and their country’s destiny, through the exercise of their inalienable and democratic rights. In an era, which has seen major democratic gains and enlargement, for which ordinary people have given decades of struggles and made austere sacrifices, logic demands that those gains are better protected and preserved by the same people whose efforts and sacrifices secured these achievements.


Our pledge to the Gambian people is that we the PPP shall at all times adhere to the constitution of the Gambia, practice good governance, develop a vibrant social system, combat, and arrest corruption, and dedicate ourselves to the protection of the rights of every human being. In the economic sphere, we the PPP pledge to undertake urgent consultations with civil society and all relevant stakeholders to construct a framework of constructive partnerships that shall produce a prosperous, vibrant and strong economic base, built sustainable and relevant development.

We pledge to engage the private sector, local communities, national and international development agencies as well as multilateral institutions, to design and implement a viable development strategy for the Gambia. A strategy that shall engender economic growth, deliver jobs, and provide investments for our social services, empower Gambians with the appropriate framework, the right environment, and the skills to pursue concepts, ideas and models of development that best reflects their own local realities and individual strengths.

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