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It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the PPP. The PPP has been and will continue to be, the party of the people.

In 1959, when the calls from the voices of our protectorate people got louder, and oppression from the colonial masters became too difficult to bear, the PPP responded with extraordinary force and vigorously campaigned against the colonial rule. The party fought relentlessly to change the plight under which our people lived. In the end, the party emerged victorious leading the country to self-determination in 1962, independence in 1965, and finally to a republic in 1970. In the many ensuing years after independence, the PPP remained steadfast to the calls of its people, through good governance, human rights, justice, and robust economic prosperity despite the many difficult conditions.

When the conditions of our people in the Gambia under the 22-year leadership of Dictator Yahya Jammeh became extremely dire, the PPP, despite the dangerous political landscape, rolled its sleeves and got to work. When the calls from the voices of our people became thunderous because they could no longer bear the severe oppression from the APRC regime, the PPP once again went to work. Just as it did in1959, the PPP once again took its rightful place in the Gambian political landscape and stood firmly and led the nation out of the significant debacle and into the prosperity it deserves.

We the PPP will never relent in defending the rights, the liberty, and prosperity of the people of the Gambia—because we are the people of the Gambia. We are therefore calling each and every Gambian to join forces with us and participate in any way or form possible to help build our nation and strengthen our resolve as one Gambia, one nation, one people.

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